Quotestream RTD

Quotestream RTD is a companion to Quotestream Desktop, allowing you to stream dynamic, real-time quote data from Quotestream Desktop to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the Windows operating system.

This powerful tool greatly extends your control, whether you simply prefer to view live market data in a spreadsheet or wish to perform specialized calculations and use specific Excel features such as charting, data aggregation, conditional formatting, macros, etc. As data updates on the Quotestream Desktop, the same data is updated in your spreadsheet in real-time.

With Quotestream RTD, you can track a wide range of stock market statistics in your Excel sheets.

Quotestream RTD now comes in two versions - Quotestream RTD Basic version and Quotestream RTD Plus :version.

Quick Tips:
* Quotestream Desktop must be open and running in order to stream data to the spreadsheet.
* Both Quotestream Desktop and Microsoft Excel must be running the same version - either 32-bit or 64-bit.
Excel Sheets

Quotestream RTD Basic

The Quotestream RTD Basic version does not require any additional download of software to make it function. Simply login to Quotestream Desktop, open an Excel Spreadsheet, and enter the formulas into the cells. Even easier, download one of the predefined templates to get you started. Overview and instructions for Quotestream RTD Basic can be downloaded here.

Quotestream RTD Basic Quick Start Templates

Quotestream RTD Plus

The Quotestream RTD Plus version provides a downloadable plugin, which helps to simplify the RTD formula entry, providing a point-and-click interface to interact with the functions and return the results in the spreadsheet. Predefined templates are also available. Overview and instructions for Quotestream RTD Plus can be downloaded here.


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